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QPAU E27 12W 24 LED PIR Motion Sensor Bulb, Warm White

Product Specs:

✔ Motion Sensor Bulb utilizing PIR motion technology, it will light up automatically while it detects motion in the dark;
✔ This motion sensor bulb adopting the intelligent solution for hands-free high quality 24 LED as light source, safety and reliable, low power consumption, lighting with warm light color;
✔ Energy saving: Just 20% the Power consumption of the traditional incandescent lamp. The life is over 10 times longer than the fluorescent lamp, environment protecting and long life;
✔ Installs Into Existing Light E27 Socket, Use Safe and Stable; Intelligent, ideal for home, coffee house, hotel, shopping center, exhibition hall, etc.
✔ Motion light bulb can be installed in almost all circumstance like bedroom, hallway, office, garage, stair where regular E27 socket is used.

QPAU E27 12W 24 LED PIR Infrared Motion Light Bulb Detection Sensor Lamp w Auto Switch Energy Saving Night Lamp Warm White Light.

Smart human induction lamp with motion sensor light, the led sensor bulb will automatically turn on and off. When people work in the detective range, the motion light bulb will light up and get closed when people walk out of the sensor range, also it will turn off during the day, only work in dark environment or at night, energy saving LEDs light.

1.Material:ABS + PC
3.Input voltage:AC85-265V
4.The output power:12W
5.Light angle:160 °
6.Lamp style:E27
7.Detection range:3-5m
8.Color:warm white
9.Lifespan:>5000 hours
10. The luminous flux:12W 1080lm±10%

Read before use:
1. Find the motion sensor located at the tip of the bulb; make sure the sensor is facing the desired motion area within proper distance and angle;
2. Do not install the bulb in wet environment and high temperature. Keep it away from heaters,air conditioners,refrigerators, micro waves, stoves;
3. The bulb will only turn on while sense a motion in dark at proper distanced and angle;
4. Please make sure the sensor have a clear “view”of the area to work properly.It got the best results when you using it in a place without any type of cover, shield or big object even clear glass around the bulb.
5.Turn off the power BEFORE installation.

Package Include:
1x 12W PIR 24LED Blub