QPAU Story


Bringing joy and love to every family.


At QPAU, we believe that having a brand that appeals to families can often denote a successful brand. QPAU wanted to give families of all ages something to do that wasn’t just sitting in front of a TV or computer screen. As parents ourselves, we were able to create a brand that appeals to many of the key qualities that other parents are looking for in family entertainment: affordable, fun, active and safe.

QPAU began its journey in 2015, and we value the opportunity for family get-togethers. We consider time spent with family to be precious and priceless because it is where we were born and belong. QPAU is committed to creating high-quality, portable inflatable items for all families. With the help of QPAU products, you can always build a mobile playground wherever. Let's spend some time together as a family and let our passions flow!


Frank is the founder of a cross-border e-commerce company located in Shenzhen and the father of three children. Frank frequently forgets to spend time with his family since he is so preoccupied at work. One day, he had the idea to start a company that makes inflatable toys for kids and families to spend valuable time together. This will not only inspire Frank and his coworkers to better balance work and family during the brand-building process, but it will also help everyone realize their shared goal of transforming Made in China into a global brand that personifies the universal concepts of "love and family."


Create inflatable products that bring warmth and joy to families.


To build the finest product, avoid needless harm, use brand to uplift and bring joy and love to families worldwide.


QPAU’s main mission is to help families around the world bring more joy and love with each other. As a result, we produced the phrase "Inflating Families with Love" for our brand.